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We continuously strive to meet the needs of our customers and focused on providing quality products which is in compliance with the HACCP to our customers.

We supply our produce Australia wide mainly to wholesalers, medium to large size retailers such as IGA in Western Australia and also to other market agents located in other territories of Australia.

In Empro, we value our customers greatly, thus we have a well establish relationship with our loyal customers for many years. We are able to achieve this as we give the best endorsement of the quality of our products and services to our clients.

Quality Assurance

We source and provide our client with the freshest produce available in compliance with the HACCP Certified Quality Assurance Standards.

Empro is HACCP Certified Quality Assurance Australia, and we apply HACCP quality monitoring and verification procedures within all areas of our operations. We are committed to ensure that all produce received by our customers meets the industry recognised safety criteria and quality requirements.

Empro is also continuously developing codes of practice and infrastructure on an on-going basis to ensure the continual development of product storage and handling.

As part of the drive to deliver safe quality food to all customers, random microbial test are being carried out on produce and handling equipment by the HACCP officers to ensure that all our fresh produce are safe and in good quality.

Our dedicated packing teams also ensure that product is packed to maintain freshness. Packaging such as punnets, long-life bags, tray packaging and clear containers are chosen to maintain condition and protect the fresh produce.